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Our Reviews

The experiences of our customers with our products inspire our passion. Explore what a few of our customers have shared about their time enjoying our candles and wax melts in their homes.

Lily T.

“Shipping only took a few days. I was actually surprised how quick I received my package. No exaggeration this is one of the best candles I've ever had. You can really tell the care put into this product from packaging to the candle itself. The fact the candle is all natural puts me at ease knowing it's safe for my family & my pet. I Cant Wait To Purchase Warm Citrus And Add To The Collection !!"

Elyse S.

"I LOVE this brand! Finding an all natural candles and scent products without all the nasty chemicals and cheap materials at an AFFORDABLE price is so difficult. But I am so happy I purchased from eScential Soy! They have amazing flavors (yes i said flavors, lol) and the customer service was on point. Plus! They’re affordable and I got my purchase super quick!"

Linda J. 

“I received my Lilies of the Field candle . They arrived as scheduled. The packaging was neat and professionally done. The scent is subtle and clean. I was impressed with the burning most candles leave soot and residue these do not. thank you for the samples that were enclosed.  I have referred these candles to friends and hope that they too purchase them."

Ahavah L.

I absolutely love the scent of this candle! The smell carries well throughout my living room and even into the kitchen. The presentation of the packaging was also beautiful! The candle looked exactly like the photos and the Milk & Honey scent smells exactly how I imagined. I love it!

Florence W.

“I received my melts today. The packaging is very impressive. I love the clean scent, I have asthma and can't  do loud or heavy scents. I like the product and will be purchasing  again. 
Thanks for caring about your customers!!"

Krystle G.

I ordered 2 candles and wax melts. And the Lilies of the field is my favorite! Wax melts fill the room, melts quickly and the candle had a good even burn once trimmed before first use. Over all I love the candles and will be purchasing again! 

Iyanu Holistic, M.A | RN

Thank you! My candles smell amazing!

Bishop D.A. Sherron

Beautiful scent! So peaceful! 

Claire Kyle

I'm over here at work, being productive as usual, and THREE PEOPLE have come up to ask me where I got my wax from!! Thanks for the candle warmer and STRONG SMELLING WAX and for making me the most popular girl in the office today!

Jachai B.

I could smell through the box, that's how strong they smell. I really like the Milk & Honey, the Lilies of the Field smell good too. Thank you. Keep working, I see the vision. Ya'll go cop you some smell goods for the home. It'll set the tone. 

Adara S.

I LOVE everything about this! From the presentation of the packaging down to the names of each product down to the scents. They feel like HOME! My favorite wax melt (so far) is the Lilies of the Field. I cannot elaborate enough how much precision went into this. It is evident! I love it all. Truly you can feel the peace of our Lord in all the details. 


Ohhhh my goodness girl! I just lit the Lilies of the Field candle that is SO good! Oh i'm so excited to try the wax melts and the warmer too!!!! These are freaking amazing. I'll be posting about them ASAP!!!!

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